Tuesday, November 20, 2007

About the Buckeye Naturists

The Buckeye Naturists is a non-landed, family-oriented social nudist club, founded in 1985 TBN is affiliated with The Naturist Society, a national organization. Our membership is open to couples, families, and singles, growing from 18 original members to nearly 200 today.

Our activities include indoor swims, parties, and other events during the cooler weather months. At the swims, you will have the opportunity to play water volleyball, swim a few laps, and socialize with fellow naturists. We currently are looking for a new pool, if you know of one, please e-mail us the information. During the summer, we will travel to landed naturists/nudist clubs around the state and to various clothing-optional sites.

All TBN events are clothing-optional. Most people in attendance will be nude, but there is no requirement or pressure to be nude at our winter swims.

Membership in TBN is $20.00 per year, per family, couple or individual. Benefits of membership include discounted admission to our swims.

You may wish to attend one or more of our events before deciding if membership in a naturist organization is right for you. Attendance at activities before joining, however, is not mandatory. A membership form is available here as a .pdf file.

The Buckeye Naturists is a "family-oriented" group, meaning that conduct at our activities should be as if your family is present.

Please read our Code of Ethics before attending any of our events.


Anonymous said...

Great site! I've been a "social nudist" for about 3 years now and have visited several "landed clubs" many times over... (and I've also been a member of AANR for about 3 years too!) My questions for you: 1) are you "single friendly?" 2) what are the rates for visiting your monthly swims and/or for membership? and 3) are kids free or is there a charge for them? (I have a 5 year old son.) Thanks for your prompt answers!

Kirk G said...

Yes, single friendly within reason. Swims generally run under $10 for admission. Same swim site is shared with another AANR club every two weeks. Kids are generally free to swims, and family rates are available. Due to reorganization, some communication and mail lilst have been lost. Please re-contact for further details.