Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Columbus Ohio Nude Swim December 1

The next Columbus-area indoor nude swim is Saturday night, December 1, 2007, at the Westerville J.C. pool. TBN and HSWT are hosting the event from 8 pm to around 10 pm. Non-members welcome.

Please note: There will be no swim on December 15 due to the holidays.

Entry Fees: Member $5, Non-Member $10

From I-270, take Exit 29 / Route 3 / Westerville and turn right (north) onto State St. After passing McDonalds, turn right onto Schrock Rd. Make a left at the next light, onto Otterbein Ave. Continue past 3 stop signs. The pool is on the right, with on-street perpendicular parking.

Future Events

TBN Winter Swims: TBN will host a swim on the third Saturday of each month from October through May. They go from 8 pm to 10 pm at the Westerville J.C. pool.

HSWT Winter Swims: HSWT will host a swim on the first Saturday of each month from October through May. They go from 8 pm to 10 pm at the Westerville J.C. pool.

Code of Ethics

There are some organizations that offer recreational sex: The Buckeye Naturists is not one of them. We recognize that sexuality is an important part of people's lives, but club functions are not the proper setting.

Illegal substances shall not be permitted at any time.

Photographs shall only be taken with the subject's permission and shall only be shown to other club members or to friends in one's own home. Special permission is required for their publication.

For sanitary reasons and as a courtesy, bring a towel to sit on at all nude club functions.

Only occasionally does someone "rock the boat" with conduct offensive to the group. It is the obligation of members and their guests to know and follow our Code of Ethics. Failure to adhere to our Code of Ethics can lead to revocation of membership and/or banned from TBN activities (members and non-members).

About the Buckeye Naturists

The Buckeye Naturists is a non-landed, family-oriented social nudist club, founded in 1985 TBN is affiliated with The Naturist Society, a national organization. Our membership is open to couples, families, and singles, growing from 18 original members to nearly 200 today.

Our activities include indoor swims, parties, and other events during the cooler weather months. At the swims, you will have the opportunity to play water volleyball, swim a few laps, and socialize with fellow naturists. We currently are looking for a new pool, if you know of one, please e-mail us the information. During the summer, we will travel to landed naturists/nudist clubs around the state and to various clothing-optional sites.

All TBN events are clothing-optional. Most people in attendance will be nude, but there is no requirement or pressure to be nude at our winter swims.

Membership in TBN is $20.00 per year, per family, couple or individual. Benefits of membership include discounted admission to our swims.

You may wish to attend one or more of our events before deciding if membership in a naturist organization is right for you. Attendance at activities before joining, however, is not mandatory. A membership form is available here as a .pdf file.

The Buckeye Naturists is a "family-oriented" group, meaning that conduct at our activities should be as if your family is present.

Please read our Code of Ethics before attending any of our events.

Bylaws of The Buckeye Naturists®

I. Name and Purpose

a. The name of this organization is "The Buckeye Naturists®", known herein as "the club". The purpose of the club is to celebrate, promote and practice family-oriented social nudism.

II. Ownership

b. The club is owned by the members.

III. Organization

c. The club is organized as an unincorporated non-profit organization according to the laws of the state of Ohio.

IV. Governance

d. Executive and management powers are vested in the President who is the Chief Executive Officer of the club and is solely authorized to take actions and make decisions on behalf of the club.

e. The President shall appoint a Treasurer with the advice and consent of the Trustees.

f. The Trustees may advise the President on matters concerning the club on their own initiative, or by request of the President.

V. Officers

g. There shall be two officers: The President and the Treasurer. The President is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Trustees. The Treasurer is appointed by the President with the advice and consent of a majority of the Trustees. The Treasurer serves at the pleasure of the President.

h. The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the Club and is responsible to receive and deposit funds of the Club and to make disbursements as authorized by the President with the Treasurer or majority of Trustees concurring. The Treasurer must make financial reports from time to time as required by the President.

VI. Election

i. The President shall conduct an election of Trustees at a regular meeting of the club in December of each year. All members in good standing are eligible to be nominated and to cast one vote. Elections shall be by secret ballot unless the members present and voting unanimously choose another method. There shall be three Trustees. Each elected Trustee shall serve a three-year term commencing January 1 of the year following election, except that for the first election, three trustees shall be elected. The Trustee receiving the most votes shall serve a three-year term and the Trustee receiving the second most votes shall serve a two-year term and the third elected Trustee shall serve a one-year term. Ties shall be resolved alphabetically, lowest first.

VII. Amendments and modifications

j. These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the members in good standing or by a unanimous vote of the Trustees.

Adopted November, 2006