Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nude Beach in Cleveland?

Greetings Fellow Naturists! We have received word of a movement to create a legal nude beach in the Cleveland area and are glad to pass it along:

Hello, from a fellow Buckeye naturist! I'm in the Cleveland area, and I'm pretty much in the same boat as the rest of the state when it comes to nude beaches in the state of Ohio. A local website has been created to bring "Good Ideas" to the front of the local political and business leaders of the greater Cleveland area. The website is www.clevelandideas.com. I posted a message on that site called "Nude beach on Cleveland's Lake Erie shore?" Check it out here:


I'm trying to get the "VOTE" count up on this link, so that it may be taken seriously! I understand that as the law is currently written, nude beaches are not legal in Ohio. With a strong showing from this webpage, maybe, just maybe things can turn around, and we can get a legal nude beach(es) in Ohio. If you do visit the site, please hit the VOTE button on the left side of the screen!

I'm asking if you would be willing to post this on you blog, since it does concern Buckeye Naturists.

Rob (aka Nytro)