Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall and Winter Swims Resume!

Greetings Fellow Naturists!

After a great summer of visitations to landed clubs, we are ready to begin our Fall and Winter Swims once again.

As before, our sister club "Have Sun Will Travel" will host a swim on the first Saturday of each month and we'll host on the third Saturday.
That means the first swim is tomorrow night, October 4, hosted by Have Sun Will Travel. Our first swim will be October 18.

Results from the survey we published last spring, a clear majority want to have a more formal meeting at least once a year. Our bylaws don't really provide for meetings except the annual election of Trustees in November. But I think it will be healthy to offer a more formal meeting.

Perhaps the first meeting should be to present and discuss the results of the survey, because so many of the questions have to do with possible changes to the club or its activities.

So, at our first swim, October 18, I will ask for consensus on when and where to have our first meeting. A question to be decided is whether to limit attendance to only members, or whether to open it up to all interested parties. Please think about this and help to decide.

Last winter we enjoyed a marked increase in attendance at the swims and in club memberships. If this trend continues we are close to being at the break-even point financially. If either declines, we may not be able to continue throughout the entire 2008-2009 season. Something to think about.

I hope you will all join us at the swims, attend the meeting and encourage others to join as members.

Pass the word! See you soon! And Stay Naked!

Jim M. Pres.