Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Code of Ethics

There are some organizations that offer recreational sex: The Buckeye Naturists is not one of them. We recognize that sexuality is an important part of people's lives, but club functions are not the proper setting.

Illegal substances shall not be permitted at any time.

Photographs shall only be taken with the subject's permission and shall only be shown to other club members or to friends in one's own home. Special permission is required for their publication.

For sanitary reasons and as a courtesy, bring a towel to sit on at all nude club functions.

Only occasionally does someone "rock the boat" with conduct offensive to the group. It is the obligation of members and their guests to know and follow our Code of Ethics. Failure to adhere to our Code of Ethics can lead to revocation of membership and/or banned from TBN activities (members and non-members).

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readynob said...

Do you have a"Guest" pass in Columbus for someone to attend a function and see if it's what one might have an interest in. I would be willing to contribute a sum to cover my expenses.